Waypoints 001

We all need aids to navigation during our journey. Sometimes the waypoints are fixed and known; though often they are temporary and fleeting. Here are some of my current waypoints.


Orienteering is the skill of getting from here to there over a series of obsta- cles and landforms. You have a series of waypoints, usually decided before starting the journey, but many way- points might be contingent based on the team, the tool set, and time. Many waypoints are used during the journey.

Between any two waypoints it takes a given amount of time, depending on the skill of the orienteering team and the terrain. Knowing about how long it might take between waypoints allows the guide to continually check progress. Is there something amiss, or should we spend more time to look around


Pattern Language is 45 years old and created by recently passed Christopher Alexander. Depending on your point of view, Pattern Language is either a study in how to conduct sense-making at scale, or a flawed plot to overturn the will of Architects. Me: I think architects think too highly of themselves, and ha- ven’t found a good way to integrate historical knowledge with their insatia- ble drive to do “new” things. There’s a tension between learning the lessons of antiquity, and keeping current with building technology.


We have a huge professional crush on the Dutch architects MVRDV. We love their playful style, use of bright colors, and clear deployment of typol- ogies. So when we saw that MVRDV was commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam to make a Rooftop Cat- alogue, a book of typological interven- tions on the rooftops in Rotterdam, we instantly opened up our wallets.


The K67 is an urban kiosk created in 1966 by the Slovenian architect and designer Saša Mächtig. Thousands were made, and there is a company in Berlin who are finding and restoring kiosks for rental and sale. Don’t tempt me to figure out how to import a kiosk.


A one-hit-wonder girl-group from late 90’s reunite 20 years later and hilarity ensues. Come for the comical flash- back/found footage scenes, but stay for the on-point commentary about misogyny, the patriarchy, and culture. Not SponCon, but find it on Peacock.


My grandfather & uncle worked for CONRAIL – the national railroad the US Government stitched together from multiple bankrupt carriers in the 1970’s. The logo designed by Tony Palladino, brings me back to my youth seeing it on blue rusted sides of loco- motives moving slowly along Lake Erie to destinations unknown.


You can find alternatives to the waffle concrete slab by architect Harry Weese by looking through old US Commission of Fine Arts transcripts and archives. They made the right call.


Ballparks are great urban types, shar- ing common parts, but conforming to the urban context where they are built. The most lovely and memorable fields respond to their context gracefully and without gimmicks.

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