Issue 2: Scorching


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This issue is about Scorching, how we change the climate, and the climate changes us.

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This issue is about Scorching: what happens when things get out of hand, it’s hot out, and the heat doesn’t go away? How are we responding to this slowly rising catastrophe? We speak to a range of people who are working to make our neighborhoods more resilient through creating a network of practitioners, testing outran design, supporting trees, and engaging with residents.


  • Annika Lundkvist
    Pedestrian Space
  • Jan Kattein
    Temporary urbanism for a contingent community
  • Annika Lundkvist
    Pedestrian Space
  • Eric Paul Dennis
    Trees are Critical Infrastructure
  • Randy Plemel
    Tactical Democracy: Engagement Spectrum Toolkit
    The Bowerbird
  • Jason Baker, Randy Plemel, Robot
    Less is now more

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