Building Battle 2024

Which American building will win this year’s battle?

It’s March, and we’re interested in which American buildings will dominate the bracket. You get to vote and decide which one wins. Let’s see which building comes out on top.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be voting on the building bracket on Threads and Instagram, and we’ll count them up.

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Current Matchups

South Play-in

UC Campus


UVA Campus

West Play-in

La Concha Motel


Cathedral of the Assumption

Midwest Play-in

First Christian Church


North Christian Church

East Play-in

Yale Beinecke Library


Ingalls Rink

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Expedition Works

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Yale Beinecke LibraryIngalls Rink
First Christian ChurchNorth Christian Church
University of Cincinnati West CampusUVA Campus
La Concha MotelCathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

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This one is going to be just American buildings because I’m just one person, and frankly there’s a ton of really great design out in the world, and it deserves it’s own focus, and I didn’t want to culturally appropriate anything.

Also, I tried really hard to find buildings which weren’t just designed by old white guys…and I didn’t think I did a great job. But I want to do this again, and we can find a wider set of buildings by a more diverse set of people for next year.