Avery §2F20A: The Transmission

Upon detecting an anomalous narrowband signal at 2296.481481 MHz the DSS tracking station supervisor initiated a comprehensive investigation. Collaborative analysis with White Sands Station and Guam confirmed the signal’s non-terrestrial origin. The transmission was decoded with a narrator describing a mysterious entity referred to as ‘The Box.’ This report encapsulates the findings and ongoing inquiries into this unprecedented cosmic phenomenon, urging the scientific community to explore the intricate tapestry of space-time signals.

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Unknown Transmission: [00:00:00] Transcript entry from DSS tracking Station Network on the big loop. Zero five hundred hours, ten minutes zulu.


Network Control Center: Wait.

What was that? Dave, are you getting a repeating signal interference?

It’s coming in on TDRSS-1.

Interference Confirmed.

It’s like the Wow signal from Big Ear in 77.

Let’s confirm if the Sands have this too.

White Sands, this is NCC. Come in on the small loop.

We’re picking up a a strong narrowband signal on TDRSS-1. Do you confirm, over?

White Sands Station: Listen – we’re getting it again!

NCC this is White Sands. We confirm signal.

Standby for modulation status. Over.

Network Control Center: Sands, NCC. Roger, standby. Signal Interference Confirmed from Guam station. Over.

White Sands Station: NCC, Sands. Roger. Confirmed on both TDRSS and DSS.

Turn the x-axis 32 degrees north-east for [00:01:00] signal computation.

Signal’s intensity readback is “6 E Q U J 5.” Over.

Network Control Center: Sands, NCC. We’ve isolated the signal. There’s modulation. Standby.

Analysis shows signal is at frequency two two nine six decimal four eight one four eight one. Wait. This can’t be right. Check again.

Sands. NCC. Can you confirm frequency? Over.

White Sands Station: NCC, Sands. Readback frequency of two two nine six decimal four eight one four eight one. Over.

Network Control Center: Sands, NCC. Good readback.

White Sands Station: NCC, Sands. Standby. Frequency Confirmed.

NCC. That’s channel 18. Are we picking up Voyager 1 somehow? Over.

Network Control Center: Sands, NCC on the big loop: We confirm Channel 18 interference, with modulation. Wave is symmetrical. NCC confirmed [00:02:00] no comms from Voyager 1 since…


No comms since December 2023.

NCC confirms probable signal origination. Vector readback is one eight three degrees away from Voyager’s last known location.


White Sands Station: NCC, Sands on the big loop. Confirmed possible source vector not indicative of Voyager. Standby. We piped to the speaker. We’re picking something up. Put it on the big loop.

Unknown Transmission: Repeat transmission per program.


two five six three point one five.

The Box.

Avery hated the box. It sat in the corner, always on, always waiting, and always a reminder of the Schism.

White Sands Station: NCC, Sands. I think we need Houston and Management on the loop. Over.

Unknown Transmission: Vocalized by Audrey AI program one.

Unknown Transmission: End of Entry.

For more entries enter in your Control [00:03:00] Panel


end of control.

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