Avery §M299A – The Meter

Avery sees a future where parking meters serve a new purpose. While Paulina sees risk, Avery wants to challenge outdated city policies, to support more equitable futures.

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The Meter

While Avery waited for the Hydrant submittals to work their way through the system, there was always jobs to be done.

The only task which met her dwindling CON and Story Points was. A meter.

Avery hated this assignment: parking meters.

Why anyone would want to spend time on this archaic technology when free apps, in vehicle linking, and plate readers were available is beyond comprehension.

When queried why this task met District goals, Section Chief Jordan replied that this was an accessibility assignment. Stressing that not everyone has the latest NuLink.

That was a fair point.

But Avery knew when a proposed project was phoned in.

the requirements documentation was light, the needs statement red like a ping pong game between [00:01:00] dueling a.i. and Avery knew that the rate of curb change meant that these devices would be obsolete.

Why spend so many cycles on this technology when they would need to spend more time upgrading them throughout their lifecycle? Avery was afraid they would only be removed and placed in the district archive as District rules evolved.

That sort of thinking wasn’t rewarded, and frankly a diversion.

Instead of wasting time, Avery thought the best way forward was to build in something useful to these monstrosities.

eBike charging.

By combining micromobility charging for the current fleet of two and three wheeled vehicles, these frustrating pieces of street furniture can pull double-duty. And maybe give these devices reasons for being.

Avery was formulating how best to propose this scope-change while co-designing with the AI and the modelling [00:02:00] software.

It would be a gamble to see if the design board would approve this. The proposal was a Codex threat, but Avery thought it was worth the risk. The Supervisors had recently instituted a grace period on initial proposals, part of their quote, innovation month, end quote; so the risk would be mitigated.

Avery’s assistant Paulina gave the odds as two to one that the proposal would be disapproved. But noted that while Avery could use the Supervisor Grace coupon thus sparing the Codex, this didn’t mitigate off-chain repercussions.

Avery felt it was worth the risk. Paulina was notoriously conservative, and a worrier.

Avery’s Codex would survive.

End of Entry.

Vocalized by Audrey AI program one.

For more entries enter in your Control Panel

[00:03:00] jwp.news/avery

End of control.

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