Avery §J4dz8: The Hydrant

The bid process was new, but the boomerang project was the type of high risk and high reward Avery was trained to tackle. Caution was prudent, but sometimes boredom pushes us to extremes.

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one fourteen two point eight nine.

The Hydrant

Avery looked over the Jobs to Be Done board for the new district on the secondary screen. Nothing immediatley caught her eye. Avery wasn’t sure how to feel about the position. the workload. or the assigned district.

The education stressed independence and rigor, but Avery felt perseverance should have been at least considered.

A fan swirled and a chirp announced a board update.

A boomerang project with additional requirements was added late last night and just made it through the system:

Job Delta Alpha Zed four.

Dual use fire supression control.

The project entailed the redesign of the in ground and above ground fire hydrant for both common firefighting needs, and for the new class of electric vehicles.

The [00:01:00] standard tactics of “Cool, Burn, or Submerge” were prooving inadequate to the newest systems the materials scientists were developing.

So new tactics were needed.

It took a few moments to sink in: the new district had a mixture of induction and plug in charging systems which were quickly becoming the standard across Districts.

Yet the pilot program in the neighboring District did not go well according to the after action reports. The local fire brigade had trouble putting out fires caused by the new system, and the new District needed to provide additional firefighting capabilities for all possible contingencies.

Avery noted the minimum required DEX and CON requirements while weighing how many story points to Bid against the codex risk. The Bidding process was well established, and all levels of education stressed different schemes to win. But to Avery it was [00:02:00] always a gamble, with such little reserves.

A fan swirled and a chirp announced the bid was successful.

Now the waiting began until project kickoff.

Vocalized by Audrey AI program one.

End of Entry.

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