Avery §d78a5: The Drop Box

Avery, a newcomer at the Highland Bureau, tackles the challenge of redesigning street-side collection boxes amidst a backdrop of technological advancements and bureaucratic hurdles. Navigating the complexities of off-chain operations and environmental sustainability, the boundaries of legality and technology blur, within the backdrop of isolating workplace politics.

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Audrey: [00:00:00] Entry.

one fourteen two point five one.

The Drop Box

Avery was new at the Highland Bureau, having secured the spot from a family connection. The quarters were new as the assigned detatchment from the Bureau was preparing construction of the new District. New didn’t mean luxurious, but the quarters in Barracks nine nine were private if bare, and came with a tiny plant of unknown origin. The mess hall was some distance away, but that kept the odors down enough for the in-room filter to keep up with the round the clock service.

Doing the best job possible was all was asked, even if this didn’t feel like a life calling.

At least the sunlight glare was limited at the assigned workstation.

The first assignment was to redesign the street side collection boxes. These were for the new district to provide inter district letter service.

Someone thought this should [00:01:00] include sending digital assets as part of the requirements. NFT’s were so last decade.

The commissioner was stuck in the past, and didn’t realize that people were operating off-chain. While technically illegal, working this way reduced this sector’s power usage so in practice everyone worked this way.

Avery hoped these initial ideas would be approved, but knew that every design which responded to the requirements were too bulky and big for the new District. Independent power supplies had continued to reduce in size, with thermocouples taking advantage of the Seebeck effect. Though strontium-90 continued to be widely available, it’s presence on the controlled list was only mitigated by the recent development of an Algae-based remediation system.

Hopefully the requirements document would be updated based on this work, but that was not up to Avery.

[00:02:00] Vocalized by Audrey AI program one.

End of Entry.

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End of control.

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