Avery §cZ3nA – Second Night of Whispers

Unexpected security measures spring into action with the deployment of the cordon around the district office complex. Navigating through past traumas to unravel available options, Avery confronts a haunting echo of a previous night of terror that reemerges with chilling familiarity.



one fourteen four point seven three.

Avery was startled when the office received flash transmission on the MC1 over text, speaker, and Messenger.

The complex Guardian was deploying the cordon around the office complex. This was doubly unsettling after Avery’s deep dive into the 722 Health Incident.

While the office estate’s Guardian AI was overly careful, nobody could remember the last time these measures were taken. Repeated queries to the guardian – over voice and text – was rebuffed.

Colleagues speculated that it had it’s hands full and couldn’t spare a cycle to explain what it was doing.

A quick chat with the internal complex AI – which had free resources, confirmed that these measures technically hadn’t ever been deployed; further questioning revealed that the cordon was deployed on the Night of Whispers.

Avery had to slam the emergency [00:01:00] stop button on her AI console before the overly helpful AI continued on.

While this startled Avery’s officemates, there was no need to relive those days.

With expanded clearance which Avery was afforded, the AI would have happily furnished the complete story, in all the meticulous detail.

Not only where there uncleared personnel in earshot, but Avery wasn’t prepared for the reactions this history would cause.

Avery took a breath and asked the AI to describe the current cordon model to cover for this moment of emotion. Avery put the Estate AI onto the MC1:

The AI responded in that overly-neutral and cheerfully happy voice, that:

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Expedition Works

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Estate AI: The district estate used cordon model AZN-Rj-7 which is an anti-personnel robot designed to autonomously patrol high-security areas. The cordon is equipped with an advanced facial [00:02:00] recognition system. It can identify and neutralize potential threats in real-time, ensuring the safety of all authorized personnel.

Featuring a sonic disruptor that can incapacitate potential threats without the need for lethal force, the district office recently unlocked the D-700 upgrade, allowing the robot to deploy a swarm of aerial drones to assist in reconnaissance and threat neutralization.

This teaming function also allows drones with highly sensitive detection array to detect and neutralize biochemical threats.

When the cordon is activated, Sustainer unit S-6 4 2 would be deployed, to transport and distribute essential survival items, such as food, water, medicine, and weapons to cleared personnel.

Avery: Avery closed the summary before reaching the end where the descriptions might get a bit more kinetic.

It was going to be a long night, and as the senior most watch commander on [00:03:00] duty, Avery suggested that everyone return to their quarters as part of the stand down. Their quarters being adjacent to their workstations afforded quick and safe access, without running astray of the estate Guardian. This kept people safe, but also reduced the chance of mass panic.

Avery knew that when the cordon was activated, only but a few people’s comms were limited and constrained, in order to maintain operational security.

So Avery checked the status on the cordon in her quarters. The distributed units hadn’t moved off their ready positions.

Noting that all colleagues were now accounted for in their own units, it was up to Avery to give the command sequence.

Entering the code into Paulina, Avery sat back and noted the intricate commands and dialogue between Paulina, the Guardian and the District AI.

The threat source was still [00:04:00] unconfirmed, but the Guardian AI was taking this threat seriously, as Avery noted how humid the quarters were becoming as air flow had switched to internal only source to reduce any N B C exposure.

It was going to be a long night when the Sustainer Unit reached Avery’s door full of provisions to last longer than a night.

A long night indeed.

End of Entry.

Vocalized by Audrey AI program one.

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End of control.

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