011 – King of Zoning: 10 proclamations

The King of Zoning is empowered to preempt and overrule local, county, and state zoning and land use in order to affirmatively further housing for all.

Here are the king’s first ten proclamations.

  1. As of Right Zoning
  2. Mixed Use by Default
  3. No Parking Minimums
  4. Abolish Single Family Homes
  5. Diverse Housing Types
  6. More Ownership Models
  7. Transit Housing Bonus
  8. Car-free neighborhoods
  9. Public Housing
  10. No Setbacks

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Show notes & links

Guest Bio

In a realm afar, a king of zoning reigned,
His passion, city planning, uncontained.
He shaped his realm with vision and with care,
In zoning’s art, his kingdom’s streets laid bare.

With eco-conscious plans, he led the way,
A master of zoning, night and day.
His subjects thrived in harmony and grace,
In Zoneland’s order, they found their place.

Join our podcast as we journey through,
The world of zoning, tales both old and new.
In rhymes and rhythm, we’ll unfold his lore,
The zoning king, whom legends still adore.

“I am empowered to preempt and overrule all local county and state zoning and land use. In order to affirmatively further housing for all. As you’re king of zoning I take my duties. Very, very serious. And today. My loyal subjects, I will be releasing my first of many proclamations.”

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