009 Sam Starr – cargo bikes

In this episode we speak with Sam Starr, a cargo bike expert about what our cities might look like if we shift some (or a substantial amount) of our in-city freight traffic from giant potential trucks to cargo bikes. Listen to Episode 006 with Sandra Rothbard for more freight pod.

Guest Bio

Sam Starr is a distinguished Sustainable Freight and Cycle Logistics consultant, co-founder of the North American Cargo Bike Conference by Our Greenway, and a trailblazer in the decarbonizing of goods movement. With over 15 years of expertise in logistics and supply chain, including roles at FedEx Services, Flash Global, US Pack Logistics, and others, Sam has recently played a pivotal role in transforming sustainable logistics, driving academic studies and cycle logistics pilots across Canada. A sought-after speaker at conferences like those hosted by the Association for Supply Chain Management, International Cargo Bike Festival, and the United Nations Economic Commission, Sam holds degrees in Electrical and Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the Master of Engineering Leadership program in Urban Systems at the University of British Columbia. Passionate about sustainable cities and cutting-edge mobility, Sam stands out as a visionary leader shaping the future of environmentally responsible logistics systems.

“The future is very bright for cargo bikes, but we need to start thinking about it as that ecosystem. And this is not just for businesses, it’s for everybody.”

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In this episode we speak with freight expert Sandra Rothbard, who is an urban planner specializing in freight transportation. After working for public agencies in NYC on city logistics, disaster preparedness and solid waste management, she now supports public, private and non-profit organizations around the world as an independent consultant. She focuses on building sustainable, resilient and safe streets, healthy communities and efficient and economic supply chains.

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“What I and my colleagues, would like to see, is a definition between what is a regular, family use cargo bike that might as well just be a regular e-bike. So that’d be one category and then another category that’s maybe more on the mid size scale that allows for heavier duty goods requires maybe a bit of training to use them but this is still carrying a I’ll call it a mid weight. And then a higher, heavier duty category that’s looking at 800 pounds, 700, 800 pounds of payload and more, and that these get regulated at these different levels.”

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