006 Sandra Rothbard – freight matters

In this episode we speak with freight expert Sandra Rothbard, who is an urban planner specializing in freight transportation. After working for public agencies in NYC on city logistics, disaster preparedness and solid waste management, she now supports public, private and non-profit organizations around the world as an independent consultant. She focuses on building sustainable, resilient and safe streets, healthy communities and efficient and economic supply chains.

Over 70 percent of America’s goods are moving by truck. Especially that last mile. You don’t live in a rail yard. You don’t live at the airport. You don’t live in a maritime port. You need trucks or hopefully more vans and cargo bikes to be able to survive and we need people who work in that industry and hopefully are already educated so that they are already experts in that field.

It’s a really, really big problem, and it’s hidden in plain sight.

People see trucks all the time on the road, but they don’t recognize that that’s their stuff in the back, until it is a real inconvenience.

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