005 Graham Rossmore – Curbs for People

In this episode we speak with parking expert Graham Rossmore, who helped Los Angeles shift their temporary outdoor dining program to a permanent feature, allowing a greater use of curb and parking space than just car storage. His work found that areas with Al Fresco dining generated an increase of $12 million in gross sales in 2022 compared to 2019. We also speak about new ways to use the city, which just so happens to be how we used to use the city before cars became the dominant form of transportation.

My key research findings on the alfresco program found that the alfresco program was not only successful in keeping more than 80% of businesses open during the pandemic, but it also saw an impressive increase of 12 million dollars in gross sales in the treatment corridors, which again were the five areas with high levels of alfresco. What we saw was the parking meters lost around 210,000 dollars annually. But, this was more than compensated for with the 12 million dollar increase in sales. We found no perceived impacts to parking demand, both from business owners and customers alike.

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